ITZ Racing, Race with your heart

ITZ Racing is a group of running and multisport athletes who join together as a team to work toward their goals. The group competes in races ranging from everyday life to running their first marathon to winning their age group in an Olympic Triathlon.

ITZ Racing, stands for “In The Zone” Racing. Meaning not only to stay focused on your goals but to be focused in your execution. Here at ITZ Racing, we believe heart and heart rate training are crucial in ensuring the biggest return on your time invested to training. Lets get started!

Head Coach of ITZ Racing is Chris McCaffrey, a top level local running and multisport athlete. Personal bests include 10:58:57 for the CORK, Ireland Ironman in 2019.  2:34:36 in the marathon, 1:10:56 in the half marathon, and 15:29 in the 5k. These accomplishments are great, but even greater is how he has used his training and expertise to stay injury free despite the increased training load. Coach Macca, as he is referred by the team, is a believer in valuable training sessions and preaches more on the importance of recovery then volume. “If you can’t recover from a run or ride, then you shouldn’t start the next one!” – Coach Macca

Paige Poehler is the assistant coach for ITZ Racing. Her experience is geared into running and triathlon as well. A 3:11 marathoner, strong swimmer, and a machine on the bike she is well versed on helping accomplish goals. Since moving from Hawaii she has developed a passion for helping others with running. Her experience also extends into knowledge of footwear selection and natural body mechanics as she works at 1st Place Sports, a running store in Jacksonville, FL.


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